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A Typical Virtual Day
A typical day at the Westchester Virtual Institute may include:
9:00 am schedule begins
9am - 12 pm, 1pm - 3 pm: Classes for all students
3 - 4 pm: Special Concerts/Events - including Colin Jacobson (The Knights/Brooklyn Rider,) Cassatt String Quartet, Costume Solo Concert, Zoom Games, Play Down Concert -  and others!
Zoe Auerbach
Laura Barnet
Katherine Dennis
Edward Rosen Wallberg
Eva Gerard
Miranda Sielaff
Heather Vogel

Eva Gerard
Miranda Sielaff
Evelyn Wadkins
Joann Whang
Laura Barnet
Tell Me A Story 
Thalia Greenhalgh
Composition/Theory/Create Music Using Apps
Jeremy Goldsmith
Hidden Gem Composers
Katherine Dennis 
Tech Support
Jeremy Goldsmith   

Miscellaneous Information
All virtual classes will be held over Zoom, fully sup-ported by the tech supervisor – Jeremy Goldsmith.
Please plan prior to registering for the Westchester Virtual Institute:

  • Available devices for all participants in your house-hold. Devices must have a well-functioning video camera and microphone. Desktops, laptops, tablets and newer cell phones are all viable options.
  • Your household internet connectivity and bandwidth strength.
  • Internet glitches - Teachers will do their best to accommodate if such circumstances arise in your household but there will be no refunds issued for any missed lessons.
Registration is on-line or via US Mail and full payment is due by check with registration form. Registration deadline: May 1, 2021.
(All participants of last year's 2020 Westchester Virtual Work-shop will receive 10% off of tuition for the 2021)
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