About Us

For 36 years, the Westchester Suzuki Institute (now the Westchester Virtual Institute) has offered a nurturing environment for Suzuki students to grow musically. Class size is small, which allows all of the teachers to get to know each child, and allows your child to get to know all of the other student participants. 


The Westchester Virtual Institute, sponsored by the Hudson River School of Music, is designed to provide students, parents and teachers with a week of concentrated study in the philosophy and methods of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.


Institute teachers will work with violin, viola and cello students, from Pre-Twinkle through Book 10, providing an excellent summer supplement to their studies at home. This week of meeting new people and sharing in the enjoyment of common music goals and intensive instruction is certain to motivate and inspire for months to come.

The Westchester Virtual Institute is open to students currently studying in the Suzuki Method with a Suzuki-trained teacher.

a typical day

a typical day at the Westchester Virtual Institute may include:

One-hour master class (short, "private" lesson)

45 - 50 minute repertory (group) class

45 - 50 minute play-in (large group)

45 - 50 minute enrichment class


Saturday, June 26

9 am–3 pm classes

3-4 Concert: Colin Jacobson


Sunday–Tuesday, June 27–June 29

Classes begin at 9 am, (or later -  depending on your child’s schedule) and finish with different special events from 3–4 pm. Children should come prepared to play a polished performance piece at their first lesson. Students may sign up  to play a solo on Tuesday, June 29. (Feel free to wear a costume to perform your solo!)


Wednesday, June 30

 Regular Institute classes and play-down concert for all Institute participants at 2:30.