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Tween program for students aged 12—15 years old
     12—15 year old students will attend the institute without parent participation.  Students must be at least at the       level of  Suzuki violin Book 5 or viola and cello Suzuki Book 4. 
    These older students will  participate in five classes each day:
  “private” master class lessons—3 students in each lesson group

     chamber ensemble

     repertoire class

     technique class

     composition/theory/creating music media content

     Tweens will be supervised by a counselor.  They will have one hour free for lunch.
     Instead of taking a full hour for lunch,  tweens may sign up for a sixth class  (handbells or fiddling) for
    an extra fee of  $100. 



enrichment classes offered:

The class will meet for 45 minutes per day and students will learn a variety of fiddling styles, techniques, and tunes. The fee for the Fiddling Class is $100.


handbell choir

Learning to ring handbells as a group is a unique way of making music, and is a study in teamwork that cannot be surpassed!  Cost for the class is $100.00

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